what is trueping?

TruePing is designed to lower ping in World of Warcraft, Rift, Aion and other games.

By using our software users see a 30-70% reduction in Wow lag with similar results seen in other games. Lower ping in Wow means more responsive gameplay and higher DPS.

Our service is not only designed to lower wow latency, it's also custom built to make sure your connection is more stable than ever before!

how does trueping lower ping?

TruePing works by redirecting your game traffic via our strategically placed servers which removes much of the unnecessary delay and overhead.

TruePing is unique in that it works by doing the above – and nothing else. TruePing does not use extra background services, or inject DLLs. We don’t use SSH tunnelling, as we have found it to introduce variable latency and instability. Because of this, the end result is a lower ping, a more stable connection and a better gaming experience.

before trueping
after trueping

why trueping?

Experience Lower Ping
Connect 30-70% faster. Your lag is holding you back – unleash your full potential!
Less Disconnections
Stop disconnecting in raids and PvP – TruePing gives you unprecedented connection stability.
Security and Trust
Use our service with confidence – all software is digitally signed, so you know that it's safe and reliable.
Easy To Use
Our software is "set and forget" – no need to launch your game through TruePing, just play as you normally would without the hassle.

what our users have to say

I've tried other services but trueping beats them in every aspect, and allows me to be competitive in PvP. I was also having latency spikes and disconnection issues which have completely disappeared since signing up for trueping.
Nathan - ACT, Australia